Exchange2 Confidentiality Policy

No confidential issue is to be discussed with, or revealed to, any person or organisation outside the group/organisation except:

In cases as outlined above these principles will be followed:

a) In the course of discussion, if the worker feels that information is likely to be revealed that could make continued confidentiality impossible, she/he shall immediately inform the person of the implications of continuing to reveal such information

b) Where information is to be revealed to any individual or organisation outside the group/organisation, the exact nature of such information and to whom it is to be revealed must be disclosed to the person. Workers will regard it as a priority to support and encourage people to reveal such information for themselves.

In implementing this policy, the following need to be borne in mind:

a) This policy applies to all involved in the group/organisation, whether they are in worker or management roles, paid or voluntary.

b) Any situation in which a worker fears for the safety or welfare of a person or for their own protection should be referred to their supervisor.

c) Discussions where confidentiality is an issue should avoid trivialisation and gossip.

d) All written information, whether in the form of records or of publicity, must protect the anonymity of individuals and groups

Approved 28 July 2014

To be reviewed 28 July 2016