Exchange2 expenses policy


This policy intends to clarify what expenses staff (which means volunteers, staff and trustees) can claim for from Exchange2.

What we pay

What we can’t pay

What we expect of staff

Receipts: it is vital that staff return receipts or fill out their mileage claim available from the Treasurer with all purchases. This is needed due to our accountability to the Charity Commission, Inland Revenue and to our funders. Payment will not be made without receipts.


The Treasurer will reimburse the following:


We ask staff to make every effort to get close relatives / partners / friends to cover their childcare needs at no cost. It is only last resort that staff should ask childminders to work.

We will cover costs from the time a person leaves their house to the time they return (excluding school hours if the child attends school).

Staff are entitled to claim childminding / care costs, at the minimum wage, per hour. This covers childcare when people are volunteering in projects and when they are attending training events, courses and conferences.

Each claim for childcare will be taken on the individual circumstances and requirements based on the issues that normal circumstances will be covered and that every effort will be made to keep the child / children in their normal circumstances.

Attendance at training events, courses and conferences

Equipment / protective and damaged clothing

Exchange2 will cover the costs of equipment / protective and damaged clothing. Damaged clothing must be subject to negotiation.

Approved 28 July 2014

To be reviewed 28 July 2016